Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Pics!!!!!

I'm dying to share our Spring Pics with everyone!!! Once again Erin did a fabulous job. She always seems to be able to capture the essence of my little boys... The mischief in their eyes, a shy glance, playfulness. I love it.
Unfortunately Greg had been out of town the night before and surprised me by just making it there, unshaven. Neither of us really matched but we did family photos anyway, and I'm sooooo glad we did!
(Also, please disregard Noah's black teeth. Surely they will come out soon, right?? You know, that's such a part of his childhood I'm glad to have it well documented :-)
Follow the first link for the slide show...

And this link for the gallery. The password is williams (no caps)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


is two. Today. My Baby is Two!! We went from this...
(one year ago)

To this...

(What a sweet helper!)

Cade is accomplishing so many new things lately!! Just today as we were driving home from school he was singing "Row row row you're boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream." This was the first time I have heard him sing a song all the way through by himself.

He recently started counting to ten. His favorite thing to count are the fish in his fish book. I love snuggling up in the yellow chair in his room with his books and reading to him.

Cade is a little bear. He gives THE BEST hugs ever. He will absolutely wrap his arms around your neck and embrace you. I can't even begin to describe the way this makes me feel. Everything in my world is right when Cade gives me a hug.

There is not a day that passes that at some point Cade hasn't made me laugh until my stomach hurts. He is just so funny. Lately he has started telling Knock Knock jokes. (I think his Meme C got him started on this.) It's always the same joke... Cade: "Knock knock . Me: "who's there." Cade:"Chicken" and then he erupts in laughter. There is no punch line. Just Chicken. For some reason this makes me laugh even more.

Cade is very "rough and tumble." He knows NO FEAR. He can wrestle Noah to the ground. (This also happens daily.) He has gotten sneaky. If he thinks I'm not looking he will do something to get Noah riled up. He tends to pester Noah a little. Noah spends his days diligently building things only to have Cade destroy them as soon as they are completed.

I can see already though that Cade is not as strong willed as Noah. He is much more of a pleaser. If Greg or I really get on to him or communicate any disappointment in him he immediately hangs his head and says "Sawwee."

Cade loves playing outside in the yard. He talks to Target (our dog) just like he is a friend. "Cmon Dog dog. Cmon. " They are buddies.

We have had a rough year as far as health goes. Cade has spent the majority of it sick. Over the last year he has had three fever induced seizures. After the second seizure he had a spinal tap. He also had to go to the ER twice with Strider (breathing troubles.) He has had tubes, Tonsillectomy and Adnoidectomy. He had RSV while recovering from the Tonsillectomy and was atrociously sick for three weeks. In fact he ran a low to moderate grade temp for 7 months straight. (Oct. 2010-March 2011.) We spent those months in quarantine. No Church, no school, no play dates. NO FUN! We are glad it's over.

Cade loves berries. They are his favorite food. He can eat a container of them in one sitting. His favorite are Blueberries. He eats any and all berries though. Because of this we planted three blueberry bushes, one blackberry bush and countless strawberry bushes in our backyard. It is simply a more affordable way to feed Cade, haha.

Noah and Cade are best friends. Seriously best friends. They are absolutely lost without each other. Cade mimics everything his big brother does. Noah spends much of their time together laughing. He thinks Cade is the funniest thing he's ever seen. When Noah goes to school and Cade and I are at home together Cade is lonely. The minute we get in the car to go pick Noah up Cade starts rehearsing what he will say to his brother. "Heyyyyyy Bubba. Heyyyyyy Noah. How you?? How School??" He recites the same thing every time.

It doesn't seem possible that two years could have passed so quickly. I remember wondering when I was pregnant with Cade how I could love another baby as much as I loved Noah. Now I wonder how I can love both my children so much and my heart not burst into a million pieces.

Cade you are my sunshine. You bring light into my life with every little smile and touch of your hand. Your laughter is contagious; Your Hugs are miraculous, and your voice is a sweet melody to my ears. I love you sweet boy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Signs of Spring

My Gerbers... The beautiful Camellia bush by my front walk. I've been cutting blossoms off of it for a month now to go on my dining room table.
This is the window box Greg attached to Noah's playhouse. Noah planted Marigold seeds in it. You can see the seedlings are starting to pop up. He is so proud.
Our rose garden. Greg has always loved growing roses. When we were dating in college he would cut roses off his parents bushes and bring them to me. Now we have our own.
These are Scallions I planted from seeds a few weeks ago. They are starting to sprout!!
Squash seedlings...

The collard and Cabbage Garden. I'm more than a little ready for these plants to mature.
Noah's strawberry plants. My boys are like Bears. They can consume quarts and quarts of berries in one sitting, and they like them all. We have also planted three blueberry bushes. (You need to plant more than one type for cross-pollination value.) And a blackberry bush.
We have a tomato and pepper garden as well, and I'm patiently waiting to see my Okra seedlings (fingers crossed!!)

Oh!! I can't leave out my herb garden!! I am growing... Cilantro (my fav!) Basil, Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme. Herbs make everything better. The End.

P.S. I love Spring!! Can you tell?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

One Spring Night...

We hung out with our friends the Looney's...
Greg and I forced them to hang out outside. Can't you tell Brandon was thrilled?

The fire provided a nice ambiance and love was in the air...

Or Not...

The kids got bored with the fire after a while and headed to play ship on the hammock. Then disaster struck...
Poor Cohen slid straight off the hammock and hit his head on the concrete. It was all Greg's fault. Not really, it just makes me feel better to place the blame on him (and not myself.)

Sweet Cohen. He is one tough dude. He can hang with the Williams' boys any day!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Greg's parents have taken on the monumental task of cleaning up and selling Greg's grandparent's house. In the process I have gained some treasures! I want to blog more about the extraordinary lady these treasures belonged to but first I feel that these beauties deserve their own post....

These were Granny's. She loved her costume jewelry just as much as me!!!!

Aren't these red ones lovely?!!

Yellow anyone?? I LOVE yellow. I used to have a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. I still miss it everyday of my life....


Color, Color. I can't get enough of it!!! I have absolutely NO black in my closet. In fact, I'm putting in my request now, please... I plea with you, when I die DO NOT WEAR BLACK. I will haunt you forever. Just kidding. I'm sure I'll be way to preoccupied with those Pearly gates and praising my Creator and stuff. Seriously though, NO BLACK.

Speaking of Pearls.

Check these out. Granny made them! They Fascinate me.

This one is so interesting.It's pretty much my favorite. I think.

Oh but I forgot about this. If this is not Beth Williams I don't know what is...

There were several broaches. All lovely. I plan on making them into hair clips.

Does anyone besides me wear Aprons? I LOVE them. I think Granny made this. It's so fun! It inspires me to make her famous Mac n Cheese... or maybe deviled eggs with bacon. My husband can eat a dozen in one sitting.

I love my new treasures. They add history and charm to my daily life. Two of my favorite things!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pics from my I phone...

It was almost 80 degrees today. This makes me HaPpY!!!! It also makes my children HaPpY!!
Thought I'd share some Pics I snapped with my I phone today.
This is the area we affectionately call the Mud Hole. Greg can't wait to have it full of soft green grass. I can't for the life of me figure out why though when it provides endless hours of entertainment for our boys...
Man they were muddy.

and for some reason Cade kept trying to drink out of this water table.

And it especially grossed me out after this guy took a couple of sips from it too.
Boys are gross.